Welcome to the Northern California region’s Alternative Transportation Program for all Kaiser Permanente Employees. Within these pages you will find many different alternative transportation projects and programs geared to reduce single occupant vehicles. Many of these services, such as this collection of WebPages and services are owned and administered by ALTRANS, an independent Transportation Demand Management (TDM) company that was established in San Jose in 1991. Altrans works with many Kaiser Permanente facilities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area today.

Some of the Northern California medical centers currently have commute alternative programs. This website acts as the main portal to identify and more easily utilize the available transportation options and services for each specific site. Each of the listed Kaiser Permanente facilities contains a Contact Us button, which is a direct link to ALTRANS and Kaiser Permanente administrators. We welcome feed-back and suggestions.

Thank you in advance for using an alternative transportation mode a few times per week and doing your part in building a thriving community and environment.

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